G.I. Blues

Album Release: 1960

Tape Release: 1960

Only a few tapes mentioned in Presleyana VIII (page 141) …

G.I. BLUES (Cartridge Magazine Loading)

CARTRIDGE 1: Though clearly identified as “Cartridge Magazine Loading,” this is more of an oversized cassette tape, that plays at twice the speed (33⁄4 ips) of common cassettes.

This format was only around for a few years in the early-to-mid-’60s. Having prices much higher than vinyl LPs probably didn’t stimulate sales. These tapes, the genesis of cassettes, even had their own RCA catalog.

The original player for this type cartridge was a $300 RCA Victrola Stereophonic Tape Cartridge Player (Magazine Loading), Model SCP-2. By the end of 1960, RCA ceased production of their player.

BOX 1: Similar in size and style to a plastic DVD box, the text and graphics are very similar to the LP cover. Has “Living Stereo” and RCA number and logo at top.

Front Cover and Tape images Heritage Auctions 2008

Back Cover image THE ELVIS FORUM G.I. Blues