Norelco Box
This hard plastic cassette case is referred to as the Norelco Box. It was developed by Phillips in 1962 and introduced at the Berlin Radio Show, in August of 1963.
Early releases of Elvis’ cassette tapes had paper labels on the tape cartridge, on the backside of the insert (Catalog 1), NOW! Start your ELVIS PRESLEY Cassette Library with the 15 Catalog Numbers released in 1969.
RCA updated the backside of the insert (Catalog 2), RCA Records Presents 33 Ways to Heighten Your ELVIS Experience with the 33 Catalog Numbers having the most recent, Elvis’ Worldwide 50 Gold Award Hits, Vol. 1.
Early releases also had the (Quality Number) on the cassette cartridge and a (Label) at the top of the cassette case.