Joseph A. Tunzi began his career in Chicago radio. He is widely acknowledged as one of the most reputable authorities on Rock and Pop music specializing in Elvis Presley, The Beatles, and Frank Sinatra. Photographs from his own photo agency have appeared in the liner notes to numerous audio releases as well as the front and back cover art. He has appeared in magazines such as Mojo, Time, People, and T.V. Guide. His photos have also appeared in numerous books by other authors, the Larry King Live television program, and the Country Music Awards telecast. He has written and published over 60 books as well as Produced audio CDS, DVDs, and special products.

The Comprehensive RCA USA Artwork Guide to Elvis Presley Tapes (RCA Reel-To-Reel, 8-Track & Cassette) features a collection images of Elvis Presley albums released on tape from 1960-1977.

Included was a 2022 pocket calendar featuring and image initially chosen for the Elvis Is Back reel-to-reel AND a 2021 pocket calendar featuring an image found on inserts of several cassette releases.

This is the perfect companion to the best seller – The Definitive Vinyl Artwork of Elvis Presley 1956-1977.

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