In 1965, ‘Tickle Me’, Elvis’ latest movie was about to be released and Colonel Parker knew he couldn’t send Elvis out on the road, on a promotional tour.

Instead, as a promotional tour, Colonel Parker persuaded RCA Records to buy Elvis’ Gold Cadillac for $24,000.  Colonel Parker and RCA sent Elvis’ Gold Cadillac on tour in the spring of 1965. Gabe Tucker, driver and tour manager for RCA, helped oversee the project.

Between 1965 and 1966, Elvis’ Gold Cadillac made appearances at Cinemas and in Shopping Centers across the U.S. and at the same time, RCA used the draw of the car, to distribute promotional items such as Postcards, Record and 8-Track Catalogs, and a Souvenir Brochure.

This is not the Standard Souvenir Brochure but the VERY RARE Souvenir Brochure having Ads inside.

Images by WorthPoint.